Castelletto Lab

Comunità Mitologiche
    14 - 26

It’s with great excitement that we are launching the Castelletto Lab, a place to (un)learn, explore and create.
The residency will be held at Cascina Castelletto, a 1000 years old court-shaped country house with an unique feel. The location offers many different spaces and views, which will incubate and inspire every participant.
The event will be hosted by an eclectic group of multi-skilled individuals: Dante Villa, Daniel Hernandez, Zoë Cobb, Maria Rita Salvi and Freddy Drabble.


To create an environment centred around the exploration and research of performance based practices, including (but not limited to) physical theatre, aerials, mask work and ritual.
To allow space and time for the development of performance work in a focused creative environment.
To reiterate the importance of the process of creating and not the final outcome.
To begin to develop a community of artists in which we can share space, ideas, our collective and individual development and explore within this gathering what it might mean to take responsibility living and working together as a community.
To give ourselves possibility and make our dreams a tangible reality.
To route ourselves in physical practices where the body is the tool. Where we can allow the body to unfold and discover itself by guiding it through a winding road of different physical techniques.
To connect with the surrounding environment and peel off the layers off the domesticated mind.


A community of artists to live, breathe and dream with creatively over 12 days.

Up to 80 hours of training and development through our workshops, classes and talks.

3 different intensives and many extras to choose from.

Yoga and meditation sessions everyday.

A unique people/location-based Summer Solstice experience.

A group of international practitioners with a wide range of skills and techniques to share.

Delicious organic food for the whole stay (cooking will be communal).

The chance for us to cultivate something. To test our will.

A closing event where we can share our work, release any extra energy and have fun. Pane & Fanfare Festival

~~ For the timetable of the workshops and info of how to arrive at the Cascina, write at villadante (at) ~~

    14 - 26