Cascina Castelletto

Immersed in beauty and serenity over 100 hectares of land and crossed by the waters of Naviglio Civico and Naviglio Pallavicino, Cascina Castelletto remains untouched with an ancient village atmosphere. Layers of architecture; a central court over which the chapel, watchman’s house, manor house, barn and old clock overlook. Cascina Castelletto is a magical place preserved in time due to careful restoration where art, history and nature blend. Until 1757-1758, the Cascina, then called Castelletto Barbò, was independent from the municipality of Cumignano sul Naviglio.

The activities

Cascina Castelletto owes its charm to the sound of crickets in summer nights, the walls that carry marks of the past, the perfumed flowers and shimmering light that falls over the green transparent waters of the Naviglio. Cascina Castelletto evokes refinement and is distinguished by beauty and serenity. It is an ideal setting for unforgettable experiences: weddings, wine and food tastings. The calm and bright surroundings make it an ideal location to rediscover, through the practice of yoga and other disciplines for example, a harmonious body and mind and reconnect one with nature.